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Re: Predict 2.2 and LVB Tracker issue

Hi John

> I'm running Ubuntu 5.10 Linux and have installed Predict 2.2 which is
> driving an LVB Tracker and G-5500 rotator. I don't recall which version
> of the LVB Tracker firmware I have installed, I believe it may have been
> 0.9 (I built the kit last September). When I start Predict with the
> -a /dev/ttyS0 directive, and select a satellite for tracking, the
> rotator moves to the first set of az-el values, then never moves again.
> If I cycle power to the LVB tracker, the rotator will move again, then
> stop. The documentation for Predict indicates that an update will be
> issued to the serial port every one degree.

Just to let you know I have a Linux machine working now and have Predict up 
and working in it.

I am away so I don't have a tracker unit to try this on right now. I have 
noticed that Predict uses EasyComm. It is possible that there is a parsing 
problem with Easycomm on the Tracker - most folks use it with the GS-232 
protocol, and I've only ever used it with Wisp on EasyComm.

I have looked at Predict's Easycomm output using a serial port sniffer and 
it looks good to me.

BTW, either I'm getting senile or Linux is not getting any easier! I 
couldn't get SUSE 10.0 to install fully. A DSL CD booting Linux of course 
doesn't have the dev tools to build Predict, and I couldn't get it to 
recognise the hard disk to do a disk install. My attmept at a Debian install 
hardly installed anything. I have finally settled on RH Fedora, but that was 
no bed of roses either. At least you don't have to rebuild the kernel or 
hack together your own device drivers like you did in the old days. I guess 
I'm just not destined to be a Linux guru. Maybe I'm just happier suffering 
with the stuff I know!

73, Howard G6LVB
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