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Re:AO-51 over Europe

Hi Mak,

In the past week I had a lot of fun with AO51 in high power.
Together with Frans PE1RXJ I have been portable almost
every evening. We used portable transceivers like the THD7
(2W) and the ft817ND (5W). Portable beams of 7 elements
on 70cm, 4 elements on 2 mtr. Also J pole antennas. We made
many short (30 sec) QSO's. And so did many others.
The satellite was fine. 2W into a portable 4 element is enough.

Some evenings it happens that 2 strong stations talk very slow, 
and together 'consume' an entire 15 minute pass over Europe. 
Indeed very frustrating for all the others. On top of that there 
are passes were some of us key on the uplink without saying 
anything. Same was when I wanted to test 23cm up/70cm down.
I simply did not get inbetween. 

ps1: you have the 67Hz tone enabled I assume ?
ps2: I recall hearing you late in the pass when you were almost
not in the footprint anymore, are your keppler sets up-to-date ?
ps3: I will listen for you this week !

(click on CONTACTS, then AO51, there is an mp3 of pe1rxj
using 5W and a 4 elements portable as 'proof')

>Hello all,
 >during the last days, AO-51 is accessible very difficult  over Europe. I
>don't know if that is a random event, but I think it happens after
>"switching" in Hi-Power FM-Mode. For example,
>it was possible to have access on the bird by using 10-20 Watts (usually).
>The last days that
>is impossible even with... 100 Watts on Uplink! And I'm talking for RIG's
>output power,
>not about ERP!
>73, Mak SV1BSX
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