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AO-51 over Europe

Hello all,

 during the last days, AO-51 is accessible very difficult  over Europe. I
don't know if that is a random event, but I think it happens after
'"switching" in Hi-Power FM-Mode. For example,
it was possible to have access on the bird by using 10-20 Watts (usually).
last days that
is impossible even with... 100 Watts on Uplink! And I'm talking for RIG's
output power,
not about ERP!

 I wonder if during the last Hi-Power FM-Mode's switching took place any
change, for example in sensitivity of bird's receiver and thus, it is much
more assailable on QRM from "non Satellite ground stations". It's really
very sad, but under this condition this bird is almost "unusable" over
Europe. The worst is that, several QSOs remain usually uncompleted, as it's
possible to exchange with the other-side operator a second MIC
(for the report & QRA or the final "QSL-73").

 That is not just my personal opinion... yesterday evening I had a
conversation on a popular "European Satellite chat-room" with several
satelliters about that and definitely, this event is confirmed by all

 Before any anwer on my Email, just think the following:

if the problem is presented on AO-51 over Europe due to heavy QRM,
the SO-50 is not effected during the similar orbits?  Also the
is easily accessible (when is "ON") even  without... subtone on Uplink .
Just a few thoughts.

73, Mak SV1BSX


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