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Re: IT time

At 11:12 AM -0700 5/15/06, Robert V Johnson wrote:
>My IT does not keep track of time.  For a short period it's ok, but if it
>is left on for awhile I have to reload IT so the time is accurate.  I am
>using a Dell P4 with xp.

XP has peculiar notions about timekeeping for DOS programs. As long 
as you keep InstantTrack in the foreground it should be OK, but it 
will lose time when it's in the background. What's even more bizarre, 
when InstantTrack comes back into the foreground, XP speeds up time 
so it gradually catches back up. I'm sure that behavior is useful for 
some kinds of programs, but not for realtime satellite tracking!

I have not been able to figure out a workaround for this, short of 
making InstantTrack a Windows program. I haven't even been able to 
find any Microsoft documentation describing the behavior. If anybody 
has ideas about how to solve this, please send them to me. It's not 
too late for another revision of InstantTrack to solve compatibility 
problems like this.

Windows 2000 didn't have this problem, as far as I can tell. It was a 
quiet change in Windows XP.

73  -Paul
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