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Re: Feed line routings?

>I have been wondering about the best, or at least the most common, way to
>route feed lines to a typical AZ-EL system.  One school, the "tight school,"
>routes the cables directly along the support, around the rotators, down the
>cross mast, and then out to the antennas, with or without supports except
>for strain relief.  The "loose school" goes from some point on the support
>below the rotators directly out to the antennas, with some strain relief.

Just a few comments, Alan.

First of all I would pay little or no attention 
to what you read in QST about Amateur Satellite 
operation unless the author is an experienced 
operator, and occasionally, VERY occasionally, 
there will be an article by an experienced operator.

Secondly, I will relate my experiences.  I've 
used the "drape" method for over 20 years, and 
have NEVER had a coax or a fitting failure.  I do 
replace coax and connectors about every five 
years as part of a refurbishing procedure.  Use 
the best coax you can buy, use the best 
connectors you can buy, and apply them 
properly.  The extra 10' or so that may be 
required (I've never measured it!) is a "hill of 
beans"....with good coax, and properly applied 
good connectors.  I'll do exactly that again when P3E is airborne!!

Then I use about a 40" piece of extremely stiff 
galvanized wire bent to a 90° angle, and the 
remainder conformed to the drape of the coax. I 
cable clip, and tape the 18" portion to the 
bitter end of the boom. then tape the coax, when 
draped, securely to the wire, providing "just 
enuff" strain relief for the fitting.  The 
galvanized wire takes all of the strain off the 
connector, and to whatever it is connected..I 
duplicate the process at a convenient point on 

Now I have absolutely no need to be concerned 
about ANY loss by running the coax thru the pattern.

Long runs at the higher frequencies of course 
require that the "drape" be a jumper to some sort of lower loss cable.

I've had up to four antennas on one tower and ROTATOR with NO PROBLEMS..

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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