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Re: Use of Amsat and Phase 3E logos?

In a message dated 13/05/2006 00:24:46 GMT Standard Time,  
mat_62@netcommander.com writes:

I was  wondering what constitutes permissible use of the Amsat  or the 
Phase  3E logo's?
I print my own QSL cards here on the computer and have a couple  of sat 
contacts awaiting return cards. I was trying to come up with a  satellite 
theme for my cards and thought of the logos.
If I print the  logos on cards intended solely for my own personal use 
and don't look to  profit from them in any way, would that be 
permissible?  I don't want  to do something illegal or step on anyone's 
toes so I thought I would  ask.
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
AMSAT #  36017

Hi Michael.
Several years ago I operated from The Gambia in west Africa and made abt  200 
QSOs on AO-13 and AO-10.  I produced a QSL card showing the Logo  celebrating 
the 25th anniversary of AMSAT.  I just e-mailed AMSAT and asked  for 
permission.  I received a note saying OK within 24 hrs.
I'm looking forward to some more trips like that when we get P3E / Eagle  and 
SSETI ESEO in a couple of years.
David  ex  C56/G0MRF  
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