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New to ssb birds, IC706 vs FT897D

Hello everyone.


I am interested in working the ssb birds on a budget, so I have decided to
purchase an inexpensive multimode radio. I know that such radios are only
half duplex, however, my budget will not stretch to a full duplex radio - I
want a new radio with HF. My intention is to operate the radio via computer
control using a software package such as satpc32 or Orbitron.


So my question is this.


I have to decide between the IC706MKIIG and the FT-897D.


I would like to hear the opinions of the members of this list about these
two rig - advantages / disadvantages. I would also like to hear about
peoples experiences, good and bad with these two rigs.


I know a number of operators using IC706MKIIG's, but have not found a single
Yaesu FT-897D ssb satellite user.


I have been operating on the FM birds for some time now, and now need to
move up to the ssb birds.


Thank you


Paul Paradigm



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