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Helix antennas

Hello folks,

I am looking for advice on building helix antennas for satellite work.
Is anybody using helices for both V and U mode to yagi-comparable
success, and if so, how many turns are you using? I have been over the
basic overview in the Satellite Handbook and the helix looks like an
inexpensive, easy-to-build yagi alternative (if not capable of
switchable polarization). In real practice, has the lack of the
polarization switch from RHCP to LHCP really caused much difference?

I have been operating FM birds with handhelds for about 6 months and I
am getting to work on a base station that will be capable of working
the linear satellites as well. I'm trying to avoid the extra cost and
complexity of building circularly polarized yagis. Any suggestions
would be appreciated.

Zachary Schrempp, KE7EYQ
AMSAT #36023
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