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Re: echo

> sure doesnt seem like high power!
> pat

Oh, I disagree!

This week, I heard it:
- on a Yaesu FT-470
- with the squelch turned ON because I had a 2m repeater freq. on the 2m 
side of the '470 (the Echo 435MHz downlink freq. was on "by chance")
- with (I kid you not) a $15 2m/440 (unity/2.5db gain) magmount *inside* 
my Subaru Outback wagon! (Rainy day, didn't feel like fiddling with the 
magmount. Antenna stuck to the large metal plate under the rear seat, 
which was folded forward. Antenna at about 45 degree angle, behind 
driver's seat.)
I only heard it for about 10 seconds but I could hardly have had a worse 
antenna setup. I was so surprised, it took me a moment to realize it was 
the 440 side of the '470 that was squawking. That was Monday, ~10:00am 
EST in FM10/FN19.

Needless to say, that cheapo antenna is now back on top of the car, not 
inside....and I might finally get my first satellite QSO with that '470!

Joe <-will get Arrow and FT-817 (for full duplex w/'470) "real soon now"
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