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True FT-847 Minimum Power Output

With the happy announcement of one year anniversary of HamSat (VO-52), it 
has reminded me of a question I have about my Yaesu FT-847. HamSat has such 
a sensitive receiver that I very often find that I can hear myself 599 with 
the FT-847 RF Power Level turned all the way down. But what I don't know is 
just how much power that is.

Has anyone ever measured what the minimum power output is of a FT-847 with a 
accurate, calibrated wattmeter. Does the input DC voltage say between 12.6 
and 13.6volts, have a bearing on it. I know the rig front panel meter shows 
something on the order of 3 or 4 watts. My MFJ wattmeter I use can't be 
relayed upon. From my past experience with Mighty Fine Junk power meters, 
any resemblance between what it reads and what is actually there is strictly 
coincidental. But that's another story.

What ever the power level is, sometimes it still too much for HamSat. A 
testament to how well that bird still hears after one year on orbit. Wonder 
when we can expect the Dutch transponder to be switched back on so I can see 
if it's just as sensitive as the VU.

73 Keith
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