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cordless phone QRM the lost war!

I have to say I agree with Luc's (VE2DWE) assertion of "the lost war".

The genie of RF for every purpose is out of the bottle and will not be

If there is a market (which there is) and a profit for the manufacturer,
there will be dealers selling these devices (with impunity) around the
world.  There are even members of our own community guilty of importing and
selling non-approved products for use within or adjacent to our bands.

It is not just the truly illegal devices either.  Many of the new breeds of
static and frequency agile point of sale products, AV sender/receivers,
alarm systems, electronic signs, etc. cause significant QRM particularly
with in our shared bands and would appear to radiate far further than their
designated environment and with significant potency.

I would suggest the authorities simply don't have the resources,
determination or the cooperation of commerce to police these types of
transgression particularly if against non-essential users.

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