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Re: Re: Illegal cordless phones (was Interference on AO-51)

The Senao model that you quoted the specs on is the one I have heard the 
complaints of 2-meter interference about, so I suspect that they're just 
very "dirty" units, and what AO-51 is hearing is a spur.  What particularly 
galls me about these phones is that their published base station TX range is 
in the aeronautical band!!!  You wouldn't believe the problems that they 
cause to air traffic control in some parts of the US, never mind the 
interference to the ham bands!  Anyone who flies at all should be VERY 
concerned that these things are out there........

George, KA3HSW

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> Hi George,
> This e-mail thread is getting quite long and fragmented, and perhaps I am
> missing some relevant portion. So based on the assumption I have seen all
> the messages, here's my question.
> So far, I have reviewed a handful of the eBay listings for these phones.
> None of the ads I've read indicate any operated within the 2-meter range
> proper.  The specs from what appears to be the most-advertised model gives
> the following frequencies.
>    Base; 11W. Frequency range; TX 133 - 136MHz. RX 233 - 236MHz.
>    Handset; 0.6W. Frequency range; TX 233 - 236MHz. RX 133 - 136MHz.
> I don't see where either of these sets of ranges would appear to be
> conflicting with AO-51.
> How is the interference on AO-51 tied to these cordless phones?
> Am I missing something?
> Are more details available?
> 73s
> Robin Callender  KE7ARL
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