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Re: Illegal cordless phones (was Interference on AO-51)

You can do it by the model number, but I just reported all the phones 
listing a range of greater than 1 kM or listing high RF output levels (like 
11 watts!), all of which are illegal to import, sell, or use in the US, 
which qualifies them as banned items on E-Bay.  It might take a day or two 
for the listings to be pulled, though.

George, KA3HSW

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Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2006 10:12 AM
Subject: RE: [amsat-bb] Interference on AO-51

> Hi George,
>  How are you able to identify the phones advertised on EBay that are on 2
> meters ?
> thanks
> Steve
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> Well, I just reported a whole bunch of them to E-Bay (U.S.) as banned 
> items,
> so at least those few will be off the market, and not bothering our
> sats.......
> George, KA3HSW
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