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Re: K5GNA downconverter-18volts

The K5GNA downconverter I use for portable ops (including Dayton last year) has been modified. There is a 7812 style voltage regulator inside, on which I installed a short wire jumper from the input to the output. This allows me to run the downconverter directly off a small 12v lead acid battery. Currently I use a toy car battery that I picked up at the local Walmart after Christmas. It's a 2 AH and runs the d/c well for quite a few passes.

I wouldn't recommend this for your home setup, but it works great for portable...

73, Drew KO4MA

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>From: Jerry Clement <stormchaser@shaw.ca>
>Sent: May 5, 2006 12:35 PM
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>Subject: [amsat-bb] K5GNA downconverter-18volts
>Hi Everyone
>On the old subject of voltage for the K5GNA downconverter I am using with a
>corner reflector in my mobile, I checked the specs on mine and for maximum
>gain it requires 18volts. My power inserter is powered from a 110 volt power
>supply with 24 volts out and 18 volts at the downconverter. I took a photo of
>the unit I am using supplied by Bob K5GNA when I purchased the downconverter.(
>see photo) I also have a new gain corner reflector antenna I will talk about
>Jerry VE6AB
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