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Re: Interference on AO-51

Robert Bruninga wrote:
>>>> "Phil Paulhus" <ppaulhus@verizon.net> 05/04/06 10:47 AM >>>
>> I thing Bob's ideas are right on target.  Using 2 meters 
>> for both the up and down links would open the door ...
> Ah, but that is the problem.  We cannot have the uplinks
> and downlinks in the same band.  That is the current
> problem on ISS.  Because they use 2m for both up and
> downlinks for school contacts, no other system can
> use 2m at the same time becuase it will either be
> jammed when the ARISS system transmits, or it will
> jam ARISS when it transmits.

Umm... I may be missing something here but cant we use some nice cavities or 
helical filters  just like we do in normal repeaters to reduce or eliminate this 
problem ?




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