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XBAUD on PCSAT2 works !

XBAUD is working now !

Both 1k2up/9k6 down 

and 9k6up/1k2 down is working fine

Secondly the XBAUD packets now also appear on the
PCSAT2 website:

Also 1k2 up/wdn and 9k6 up/dwn still working OK.

For some reason it appears to me that 9k6 uplink
is working better as the 1k2 uplink, at least my 9k6
packets are digipeated quicker. Just a feeling.

Thanks to all keeping PCSAT2 operational - it's cool.

Henk - PA3GUO

ps1: a pitty that my TH-D7 TNC does not support the mix 
of 145/435 like the TS2000 does. With the TH-D7 I can
not monitor my own beacons as a result. I believe the
newer versions of the TH-D7 does, mine is from 1/1/99

ps2: did not have time to try 10m uplink, seems we have
only 26 days left ...

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From: "Robert Bruninga" 

thanks for the reminder.  I'll enable XBAUD this afternoon.

Also, the 10m PSK-31 up==>435.275 PSK-31 transponder 
is enabled and we are hoping someone with high power on 
10 m will try it. And report.  Anyone can turn on the 
Xponder by just using packet to "connect" to "PCSAT2".
Then use PSK-31 on 10m and see what he hears on the
435.275 downlink.