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Re: Interference on AO-51

>>> "Phil Paulhus" <ppaulhus@verizon.net> 05/04/06 10:47 AM >>>
>I thing Bob's ideas are right on target.  Using 2 meters 
>for both the up and down links would open the door ...

Ah, but that is the problem.  We cannot have the uplinks
and downlinks in the same band.  That is the current
problem on ISS.  Because they use 2m for both up and
downlinks for school contacts, no other system can
use 2m at the same time becuase it will either be
jammed when the ARISS system transmits, or it will
jam ARISS when it transmits.

In the future, I hope that all ARISS systems will use
2m downlinks and all uplinks will be on UHF or higher
(or 10m).  By having all downlinks in the same band
,then, each of the different systems and modes can
operate independently without any cross system
coordination.  The way it is now, each time something
needs to be activated, the other systems have to
be turned off or at least considered.

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