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Re: Re[2]: Interference on AO-51

Hi All,

Just to clarify the 2 meter allocations!

For the amateur satellite service the worldwide ITU allocation is 144-146MHz

For the amateur radio service (i.e. terrestrial operations) the allocation 
is 144-148MHz for ITU Regions 2 & 3 but only 144-146MHz in Region 1.

Region 1 is all of Europe and Africa including the Middle East and lots of 

In all Regions the amateur services have Primary status but this seems not 
count for very much as so much equipment is being manufactured  around the 
world designed for "our" frequencies and use by non-amateurs. There are also 
a large number of "amateur" transceivers being sold to and being used by 

So with all these sources of interference we certainly do have a problem 
using VHF for uplinks (certainly for LEO) with or without CTCSS tones.

But of course, the other way around,  uplinking on UHF and transmitting on 
VHF does give some difficulty to satellite designers (3rd harmonic issues) - 
especially on small cubesats...

So challenges all round!


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