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Re: Interference on AO-51

>you can hear in the first part Russian voice and 
>telephone dial tones, and in the second part Spanish
>voices. A 67 Hz PL tone would surely keep the qrm 
>on the uplink away.

Yes, but putting a tone on, does not solve the uplink
problem, it merely puts our heads in the sand to
ignore the problem.  In my opinion, it is better to
hear the uplink problem for help in identifying the
illegal operations.

I think we should all be encouraged to routinely monitor 
and SCAN the satellite bands terrestrially so that we can 
track down these signals.  THose with high sites and 
repeater locations, can help by putting a scanning receiver
up there and monitoring it.

I know this is like setting traps for snipes, but if we do 
nothing, then we are not really being the best stewards 
of our special frequencies.

Just a thought.  Bob

>You may download my recording from www.dj1km.de/ao51.zip 
>(5 MB).
>73  Reinhard, DJ1KM
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