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Re: Listening for Pioneers 6, 7 and 8 in solar orbit

Dear Douglas,
Just ran my calculations I used to plan our Voyager attempt..

- they still transmit
- still have 8W of power
- have a parabolic dish comparable to their body size (0.8m), which 
according to pictures is not the case..

I end up with a signal-noise ratio of 14 dB in 1 Hz for the Bochum
dish.. this is just 7dB over Voyager 1..!

But without a precise frequency and information about the exact health
status, I fear I will not be able to talk G3RUH and ON6UG into another
DXpedition  :)  We are also lacking hardware for 2292 MHz in Bochum so 
we would have to build anything from scratch.

Believe me, Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter(MRO) ist the one you want for 
testing.. at Bochum, we could even hear dozens of sidebands at 45dB SNR 
in 1 Hz.. just imagine how your 70cm rig sounds like in the ISM band.. 
that's what MRO is at a 20m antenna. Charlie G3WDG even can track it 
regularly with his 70cm diameter dish.. that's what I call DX! MRO is 
not really low power at 100 W PEP and 3m dish..about 3.5 MW Eirp!

73s, Achim DH2VA
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