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RE: Tax on Arrow Antennas?


You either have WAY too much free time or you're really hard up for
reading material.  I know from personal experience just how dry reading
IRS pubs are!

There's two considerations here:
1.  Arrows antennas use booms and elements, not shafts, so there
shouldn't be any tax on them.  

2.  Wouldn't tax on an Arrow short out the coax or otherwise mess with
the radiation pattern?

73 de N8AU, Jim in Raymore, MO

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Did you know that there is a tax on Arrow shafts?
I wonder if the ARROW antenna company has to
pay it...?

I was looking today for energy credits for 2006
in IRS pub 553 on "whats new for 2006" and
came across this one near the end of section 6
for businesses on page 22:

"Arrow Shafts
    The tax on arrow shafts has increased to $.40
    per arrow shaft."

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