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Re: Antenna lead ins, feedthrough bulkheads... a question

>  I have a question or two about getting my coax and control cables into the


Many others have asked the same question, and I solved it this way a 
long time ago, after trying various systems.

You did not mention the type of dwelling in which you live, and 
probably not possible in much other than a frame house such as mine.

I drill a hole through the frame (stucco) wall to the out side, at an 
angle downward to repel rain, moisture.  The short length of PVC pipe 
(long enough to project through inner and outer walls an inch or so 
on either side) is a large enough diameter to accept the coax 
connectors I use, and/or the cable connectors for various pieces of 
equipment.  This permits easy replacement if necessary without 
cutting the connector.

I have 26 holes in my wall, developed thru the years, most 3/4" to 
1", but one as large as three inches.  I found that much better than 
"bundling" through a large conduit to prevent crosstalk as much as possible.

San Diego, of course, is a very temperate climate, but I do stuff the 
remaining space with small piece of cloth, to keep out vermin, 
drafts.  Stuff the cloth far enough in the tube to keep it dry and 
prevent wicking......And I've lived in Northern Minnesota long enough 
to know that there the stuffing would be a good grade of insulation!

It minimizes the number of fittings....

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 

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