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Antenna lead ins, feedthrough bulkheads... a question

Hi guys,
 I have a question or two about getting my coax and control cables into the
All my antenna feedlines come through a window and my plan was to put a board
there at the bottom of the window. I was going to mount a grounded metal plate
to the board and then use bulkhead N female connectors through the wood and
metal plate to get into the shack. The antennas would screw onto the connector
on the outside and then the leads from the rig would screw onto the connector
on the inside. My reasoning was that this would give me a good disconnect
point for the antennas right at the window.
 Now I'm worrying about introducing more feedline loss into the system by
going this route so I've come up with another idea. I'm thinking of mounting
all my power inserters for the preamps to a grounded metal plate right by the
window in the shack. Then my disconnect point for the rig can be at the power
inserters and I have one less break and set of connectors in the feedlines
causing loss. Any reason why this wouldn't be suitable? Or is the first idea
the better route?
Tnx and 73,
Michael, W4HIJ
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