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Re: RE: sewer pipe

I wouldn't rule out the copper tape as the culprit, Art... I also tried to make a couple of 2.4 GHz helix antennas with copper tape on PVC pipe, also with poor results.  However, a helix wound on the same pipe with #12 solid copper wire performed as expected.  I blamed the tape....

George, KA3HSW

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>As a suggestion do not over look the dilectric constant and the thickness of 
>the pipe. At 2 GHz the thicker pipe can cause refraction of the wave. This 
>is not related to the disipation factor that is tested in the microwave 
>oven. If used as a raydome best to make it a larger diameter and choose a 
>thin wall pipe to  reduce this effect. Test in the far field will show if 
>there is a problem by testing with the raydome on and off.
>I tried several helix at 2.4 GHz made with copper tape wound on acrilic 
>tubing with poor results. I suspect that this was in part the reason.
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