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Tax on Arrow Antennas?

Did you know that there is a tax on Arrow shafts?
I wonder if the ARROW antenna company has to
pay it...?

I was looking today for energy credits for 2006
in IRS pub 553 on "whats new for 2006" and
came across this one near the end of section 6
for businesses on page 22:

"Arrow Shafts
    The tax on arrow shafts has increased to $.40
    per arrow shaft."

Depending on how you count it, that could add
$8 to the cost of an "Arrow" antenna.  Now of
course, I assume that such a stupid government
tax only applies to arrows used as arrows, so I
am sure it doesnt apply to the manufacturer of
ham radio antennas made from arrow shafts, but 
such insidious little taxes are irritating...

ANd I was disappointed to hear that alternative
energy credits only apply to solar PV panels and
not to wind power.  So much for beefing up my
ham radio off-grid power system during bad 
weather (when you need it most).

And the credits for investing in an alternative fuel
vehicle does NOT count if it is all electric..  Go figure...

Oh, and the "gas guzzler" tax has been repealed
for 2006.  There is no longer a tax on gas guzzlers
greater than 6,000 lbs.

And yesterday I went to Home Depot to buy a 
$5 hand sickle (or hand scythe) or whatever you
call it, but they don't sell them anymore.  They
only sell expensive weed whackers at 10 to 20
times as much...  better proffit margin... and
more gas to burn..

I better stop now before I get too irritated and
also get fussed off this mail list...

The original correlation with ham radio was my plan
to invest in a big trussed free-standing tower for
the wind generator (which could also support
some more antennas on the side....)...
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