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Glad to see the conversation on SuitSat continuing.  This amateur radio 
space suit continues to inspire the world.

Here is the latest:

The 2006 "100 Best" of everything as compiled by Reader's Digest includes 
the "Best Empty Suit"--SuitSat.  In the paper edition, SuitSat is
listed as the 25th best.  It can also be viewed on the Reader's Digest web 
site.  To view the write up (38th item from the top), see:



1)  Popular Science plans to highlight SuitSat in an upcoming magazine.

2)  Boys Life (scouting magazine) will have an article and pictures in the 
next couple of months.

3)  And don't forget to look for SuitSat as it passes overhead.  Good 
opportunities should be over your area in the next few weeks, weather 

4)  SuitSat-1 re-entry a few weeks from now.

5)  Discussions on SuitSat-2

Anyone want to enter a "Chicken Little" contest?  Those who are 
unfamiliar---a guess as to when SuitSat-1 will re-enter.

Take care and enjoy!

73,  Frank Bauer, KA3HDO
ARISS International Chairman
AMSAT V.P. for Human Spaceflight Programs
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