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KLM 18 element circularly polorized 2 meter beam

Good afternoon!

After many years of faithful service my elevation rotor (Yeasu 5400) has 
frozen,  so the whole business is down.  My KLM 2 meter beam needs some 
tender care and some repair. And I cannot find the assembly instruction 
sheets or the parts list that came with the antenna..  Can someone 
supply me a copy ???  I am particularly interested in replacing the two 
shielded twin lead cables that got from the balan to the driven 
elements.  Can I still get parts ???   If not, what can I replace them 
with ??  The antenna is mechanically in good shape, the relay is 
operational (a little sealing against weather needed) 

OH!  How I miss having the two antenna for 2 meter and 70 cm up.  Shor' 
makes working the birds more work.

By the way, while looking for the material, I ran across some satellite 
log books of the 70's and 80's.  WOW what fun!  Many of those I 
contacted then are still around.

Thanks for any help you' all can give me.

Jim Jipping, W8MRR
AMSAT 5512.
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