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RE: Another interesting preamp story

Jerry K5OE/M0MOE wrote:

Installing a diplexer on the 70 cm input is a cheap and effective 
solution, but there is a penalty in system performance as you are 
introducing a couple dB loss before the first active device (the preamp).

Wayne W9AE replies:

First I want to thank everybody for their great responses, especially 

Second, I want to encourage everybody to look at the "432 MHz filter" 
link that I8CVS mentioned.  http://www.k3pgp.org/432filter.htm
This 432 MHz bandpass filter can be homebrewed and it only has 0.062 dB 
attenuation in the passband.  It won't noticeably degrade your receive 
noise figure.

Can anybody recommend a source for 1-inch square (brass or copper) 
tubing?  McMaster-Carr is my usual source for stuff like this, but they 
don't seem to have square tubing in this size.  Or should I just build 
the tube using "blank" PCB material?

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
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