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Satellite rotators

Hello everyone!
I am in the process of looking for a good rotator. I currently have a
radioshack TV antenna rotator and plan on mounting 2 separate yagi's for
satellite work. I have a cushcraft 2M as well as a separate cushcraft 70cm
and plan on mounting then on a horizontal bar on my mast so I can rotate the
entire assembly. My questions relates to the best elevation to use for a
permanent mount. Since I can't move the assembly on the vertical axis, I
have to get the nominal elevation for most passes and lock it in there for
now. Thanks for your help!

Paul D. Lenharr II (KB3NDS)
"Pain is temporary, Pride is forever!"
Charles County Tactical Response Team
NREMT-I, Firefighter, Haz-Mat Technician
Department of Homeland Security Instructor
(301) 399-9504
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