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Re: ISS on Voice

I worked Bill on voice again during the pass you are talking about.
I didn't hear an I2 station calling Bill but Bill calling an I2 station.
The ISS is not using a repeater but just a common V/U FM radio.
His hamradio voice channel is probably 145200khz FM with a +600khz shift.

I worked Bill using a 12 el. yagi and 50W, he was 59+20/30dB.

I worked him from 3A using a 4 elements yagi and 50W.

In my opinion it's just a question of luck. EU stations often reported
qrm on Vhf frequencies and it's easy to have someone on 145200 making
a local qso..... plus the ISS callers !

Everytime I heard Bill on Voice I got the qso (3 times since I'm not
very active).


On 3/25/06, Vincenzo Mone <vimone@aliceposta.it> wrote:
> Hi to the list,
> it is a lot of time that I am trying to contact the ISS on voice.
> I can Hear Bill NA1ISS making qso with peoples around the world.
> I am trying all the time calling on 145.200 FM but never have luck.
> Today for the first time I heard an I2 on 145.800 calling Bill.
> I leave in South Italy and the I2 is in North so impossible to hear him on
> simplex.
> Now I ask should I hear my transmission back on 145.800 how it works with
> the satellites?
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