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Letter from ISS Exp. 12 Commander McArthur

I attempted to post this earlier but changes to our email system seems to have
prevented the posting.
Kenneth - N5VHO


To the Amateur Radio Community,

As Expedition 12 draws to a close onboard the International Space Station, a
note of gratitude is due.

I would like to express my deep gratitude to the world-wide amateur radio
community for your participation in this great adventure.  Clearly, one of the
benefits for Amateur Radio is bridging the distances between us.  Through your
participation, you helped realize the potential for the human exploration of
space to do exactly that.  Thanks to you, over the past six months, the
International Space Station has been more international than ever before.
Together, we achieved many significant milestones from space, DXCC, WAC, WAS,
and most importantly, 35 school contacts (as of March 21).

Special thanks go to Kenneth Ransom, N5VHO, without whose tireless efforts to
coordinate our activities onboard none of this could have been achieved.
Kenneth provided invaluable technical advice, as well as raising the bar as
each goal was achieved.  I would also like to thank the ISS Fan Club for your
enthusiastic support of ARISS.  And personal thanks to Cor - PD0RKC in The
Netherlands, Alain - IZ6BYY in Italy, Keith - ZS6TW in S. Africa, and Patrick
- WD9EWK in Arizona for enlisting the participation of the stations we needed
to meet the goals for Expedition 12.

It is with no small degree of sadness to realize that soon I will no longer be
able to float to the aft part of the station, dial up our frequency pair and
call "CQ", knowing that a host of friends are waiting to talk.  Good luck to
you all.  Thank you, again, for your participation in this greatest of all
human endeavors.  I look forward to listening as you continue your
enthusiastic support of the International Space Station and, one day, human
colonies on the Moon and Mars.

73 de NA1SS

Bill McArthur, KC5ACR
Commander, Expedition 12
International Space Station
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