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Re: My preamp coming out...

Hi Ed,

It wasn't my intention to beat up on anybody, but rather to dispel a common 
misconception about preamps. If I was too strident in laying out the case, I 
apologize to all concerned. I certainly agree that there are times when a 
shack preamp will improve the deaf front ends of many transceivers....of 
course nowhere near as much as they would if mounted before all that coax 

Playing with Gene's tool should be required reading for any satellite 

Thanks for the post! 73

...hasan, N0AN
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Subject: Re: [amsat-bb] My preamp coming out...

> Hasan and Luc (and anyone else interested):
> Of course what you are saying is correct, Hasan, but before you beat up 
> Luc
> too much let me make a statement:
> "If its a choice of no preamp or a preamp in the shack, then by all means
> put it in the shack".
> I had one of my 2m eme preamps go bad back a year or so in the 
> winter...not
> a good time in Alaska for tower climbing.  I had a spare 1.0 dB NF preamp
> so I rigged up a T/R relay on shack end of my transmission line and
> connected my preamp between my FT-847 and the Rx port of the relay.  It
> worked not that badly and I made several eme contacts even though my
> overall NF ~ 2.8 dB (My normal eme preamp is a 0.15 dB NF and that results
> in a overall NF = 0.74 dB).  The difference in minimum detectable signal
> was something like 1.5 dB so many extremely weak signal stations would not
> be heard, but many not so weak signals were copyable.
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