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Re: SUN keps ?

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From: "Gary "Joe" Mayfield" gary_mayfield@hotmail.com

> It is possible to generate keps to put in your tracking program that will 
> follow the sun and or moon, but they will go stale after a while, because 
> as Simon points out they are not the correct kind of bodies.  To generate 
> keps that will work for a while try this program.

[Warning - generalisations follow]

The main thing being that the sun is not a satellite where as the Earth is 
(sort of). Even though the Moon is a satellite it gets pulled about by other 
bodies. If you're into mathematics then the algorithms are very interesting.

I use the Sun and Moon to align my own satellite array.

Johannes Kepler was an amazing guy, it's well worth reading what he did to 
develop his original work..Puts today's plug-and-pray operators (such as 
myself) into perspective.


Simon Brown

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