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Re: Cross boom length?,


Just some small idea for avoiding metal elevation pipe
through your circular antennas that make them no more

You must use none-metal materials, well known is the
fiberglass, but also expensive and difficult to get
(or transport).

What I have done is I bought two types of PVC (water)
pipes. In the smallest one I put some wooden broom
sticks to make it not bend. This one I finally but
into the bigger PVC pipe and all together it makes a
quit strong elevation mast.

It is not enough for a huge antenna park, but for my
20el 2m x-yagi, 32el. 70cm x-yagi and 60cm 2,4GHz Dish
it work for more than 5 years now...

Also take care off your coaxial cables going through
your radiation pattern. Exit the cables at the rear of
your yagis, with a wide lobe to your vertical mast

Just some ideas...
Now I go to work :o)

William Leijenaar
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