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Connectivity - Update.

Late last night I finally got SATPC32 to talk to the PrimeSat controller.

I could see the frequency changing on the controller and the ICOM 910.
Because my antennas are down at the moment, I allowed rotator control
for a few seconds just to hear the G5600B controller relays click a couple
of times.

OK, so far so good. All this means that I have connectivity.

My problem now is to get this lot working  with WiSP.
I spent a little time on this last night/this morning, but it's a no go at
the moment.

Could it be that Wisp/WispDDE will not work because it is not an option
for selection in the PrimeSat controller set-up ?

Anyone else any experience with Wisp/WispDDE, the ICOM 910, DSP2232 and
 the G5600B ?

Thanks in advance,

Portland. Dorset.
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