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PCSAT2 operations plan

PCSAT-1  and PCSAT2 are still flying in constellation 
on the same simplex digipeater frequency of 145.825.
Several dual hop packets have been seen (use
VIA WIDE2-2 or VIA ARISS,ARISS for dual hops).  
We will  maintain this as long as PC1 stays alive. 

But the next several days have lots of re-arrangements
as follows:

16 March 1935z PC2 shifted from 2m to UHF.
17 March Two ARISS school contacts in USA.
     At 1823z PC2 shifted back from UHF to 2m. 
19 March 2047z PC2 OFF for Soyuz re-docking.
20 March  0645 - 0715 Soyuz undock/re-dock.
     1101z PC2 re-enabled and switched to 2m.
21 March 0817z  PC2 switches from 2m to UHF.
     1354z  ARISS School contact in UK.
     1817z  ARISS school contact in USA.
     1827z  PC2 switches back from UHF to 2m 

Bob, USNA Sat Lab
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