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Decoding AO-16 telemetry

Hello All,

This evening I had a 75 degree pass of AO-16 over West Malaysia.  Using 1200 baud Satellite PSK mode in MixW2, I obtained the following telemetry from AO-16.

PHT: uptime is 2224/08:20:17.  Time is Fri Mar 17 12:11:23 2006

Ù.....Ô.‚...Ð.„.‚.¤..˜...‘..’.´.W Š!g"p#K$+%A&f'.(;).*.+.,.-p.h/}0|1z2™3.4‚5‚6„7z8„9£:.
1616Z 02/18/2003
WOD Dump of Array current Channels 26,27,28,29,2A,2B
Will Dump data for 24 hours.  AO16 Command Team <WJ9F>

I had looked up the net for information on how to decode the telemetry.  However, from what I understand, I need to use software such as WISP, log the kiss data file and input that file to the telemetry decoding program (can't remember its name now) in order to decode the telemetry.

This can be accomplished if a TNC capable of 1200 baud PSK is used.  But in the case of MixW2, is it possible to log the data into a kiss file format?  I am not sure if the serial port loopback method can be used to transfer the data from MixW2 to WISP but this method is very messy, and further more I have a shortage of serial ports.

I would be glad if someone can advice me on this.  Thank you very much in advance.

Sion Chow Q. C.,
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