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Re: Satellite Antenna Polarization Data

Hi Jerry:

On Thu, 2006-03-16 at 03:29 -0500, k5oe@aol.com wrote:
> but I will state several lessons learned:
> - the "correct" circular polarization is always best, but that means
> being able to switch

20db difference between LHC and RHC is what I remember

> - linear is simpler and easier, but requires significantly more gain
> to hear as well

Difference between LHC/RHC and linear is 3db

I don't remember the difference between plain horizontal and vertical on
linear - anyone know?

> - a low gain antenna at the wrong polarization will be deaf to LEOs,
> thus the common "fading" effect

Even 3db difference is half the signal

Thanks for the great post.


Don Woodward
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