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AO-51 Mode V/S

I've been trying to get on AO-51 Mode V/S each evening for the pass that 
covers all of the continental U.S.  A couple of nights I only heard 
W5RVB and N5UXT.  But tonight I made four contacts: N5UXT, W2NBJ, KC8ZFN 
(handheld), and W0LMD (handheld).  I also heard KG5GT, but he didn't 
answer my call.

I'm using computer-controlled Doppler tuning, but fairly often I 
manually tweak the receive frequency for best FM quieting.  My 5W uplink 
(to a 7x7 Yagi) is solid.  I'm receiving the S-band downlink with a 1.2m 
mesh dish, patch feed, DEM preamp, and TSI downconverter.  The signal 
strength was S9++ most of the time, with occasional fades into the 
noise.  I'm not sure why my CP patch gets such deep fades of the 
satellite's linear antenna, unless the body of the satellite 
occasionally obstructs the antenna.

Wayne Estes W9AE
Oakland, Oregon, USA, CN83ik
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