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Yaesu G5400 Help

I'm having an issue with my G5400 and  W0LMD Sat Trac Jr.,   The problem is as
follows:  In manual mode, the azimuth rotator works correctly, I can rotate
the entire range and the display is perfectly calibrated. When in auto mode,
it tracks the ascending orbits from the south just fine, until the satellite
travels to the North West (360 - 180) LEFT tracking.  The rotator stops at "0"
degrees and doesn't travel further.  If I set an azimuth in Nova to any
setting to the left of "0" degrees, it won't go there. What's interesting is
that it will travel to 180 degrees West, but it won't hit anything in between.
I've been working with Robert, he swapped out a Sat Trac Mini that was doing
the same thing.  The new interface behaves the same way.

I'm looking for any suggestions that may point me in the direction to help
isolate this problem.  I suspect that something in the Yaesu Control Box is at
fault, but not sure where to explore.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

- Joe Westbrook, K7ZT
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