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ISS crew change 3wks, still need more countries

ISS Amateur Radio Status: March 15, 2006

Crew Change in 3 Weeks

By Miles Mann WF1F,

MAREX-MG News	www.marexmg.org

Manned Amateur Radio Experiment

Hi everyone. 

Crew Change in 3 Weeks

You only have 3 more weeks to work ISS crew 12.  Bill
McArthur has talked to Amateur Radio stations in over
129 different countries around the world.  And he said
he is looking for more Amateur Radio stations in
different counties to talk with.  Last week Bill said
he will be focusing on the Island Nations in Pacific
ocean.  So if you have friends that are licensed
Amateur Radio operators, you may want to pass on the
word that ISS will be looking for them.  Please feel
free to repost as needed.

All contact will be random contacts, however your
chances for success will be better on Weekend pass. 
The ISS crew will be waking up 0600 GMT and having
dinner at 2000 GMT.  Nasa publishes a daily schedule
for the crew.

Curret Expidition 12 crew:
Commander Bill McArthur
Flight Engineer Valery Tokarev

New Expidition 13 crew:
Commander Pavel Vinogradov 
Flight Engineer Jeffrey Williams 
Their Soyuz TMA-8 spacecraft is scheduled to launch on
March 29 and dock to the station on April 1.

Frequency tips

Country needed list courtesy of Kenneth N5VHO
American Samoa,  Auckland & Campbell Is.
Austral I.,  Baker & Howland Is.
Banaba I. (Ocean I.)
C. Kiribati (British Phoenix Is.)
Chatham Is.,  Chesterfield Is.
Christmas I.,  Cocos-Keeling Is.
Conway Reef,  Ducie I.
E. Kiribati (Line Is.)
Fiji,  French Polynesia
Guam,  Indonesia
Johnston I.,  Kermadec Is.
Kingman Reef,  Kure I.
Lord Howe I.,  Macquarie I.
Marquesas Is.,  Marshall Is.
Mellish Reef,  Micronesia
Midway I.,  Minami Torishima
N. Cook Is.,  Nauru
Niue,  Norfolk I.
Palau,  Palmyra & Jarvis Is.
Papua New Guinea,  Philippines
Pitcairn I.,  Rotuma I.
Samoa,  Solomon Is.
Temotu Province,  Timor - Leste
Tokelau Is.,  Tuvalu
Vanuatu,  W. Kiribati (Gilbert Is. )
Wake I.,  Wallis & Futuna Is.
Willis I.

Location of Hardware on ISS
This link will show you images of some of the amateur
radio hardware already installed on ISS

Tip on working ISS on Voice and packet

Marexmg Web page

Information on the crew's activities aboard the Space
Station, future launch dates, as well as Station
sighting opportunities from anywhere on the Earth, is
available on the Internet at: 


73 Miles WF1F MAREX-MG

Until we meet again

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