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Re: Will G-5400 rotor work with G-5500 control box?

Unfortunately for Brian, you are right Don.  Cliff K7RR

Don Woodward (KD4APP) wrote:
> Sounds like the transformer has blown - did the antenna bind on
> something?  Check for voltages on the transformer outputs.
> I don't think the 5500 box will work on the 5400 - I believe the motor
> start capacitors are in the 5400 control box whereas they are in the
> rotators themselves on the 5500 units - someone correct me on the 5400
> if I'm wrong please.
> 73's
> Don Woodward
> On Tue, 2006-03-14 at 14:46 -0500, Brian F. Wruble wrote:
>>Hello all:
>>Sunday, just as I was preparing to shut down the station at my weekend QTH,
>>I noticed that my Yaesu G-5400 rotor controller box showed no lights and
>>appeared to be dead.  I checked the fuse, and I checked the line power, both
>>OK.  I did not have time to open the box and look further.  I have a G-5500
>>in spares, ready to install when the weather improves.  In the meanwhile, I
>>have these questions:
>>1.  What are the obvious places to begin troubleshooting the G-5400 box?
>>2.  Will the G-5500 box work with the G-5400 rotor as a stopgap fix?
>>Tnx in advance for any help.
>>73 de Brian W3BW
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