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Re: Will G-5400 rotor work with G-5500 control box?

At 01:11 PM 3/14/2006, Gould Smith wrote:
>My 5400B just quit working one day, no lights, no movement....
>Hard to believe, but that large, heavy duty red switch that switches 
>110V into the unit had one side that was open. A new DPDT and I was 
>back in business.

That big red switch is very dangerous.  Double pole power switches 
are a bad idea.  In mine, the switch failed the very first time I 
turned it on, but it failed by arcing from one side of the AC power 
to the other!  Unfortunately, the fuse was AFTER the switch, so the 
fuse didn't blow.  The arc did not draw enough current to trip the 
breaker for the whole room.  Now you might think well the switch is 
in a metal box, so there's no big worry, right?  Wrong.  The switch 
is made of some low temp plastic which was vaporized in the arc.  The 
vapor came out all the switch holes in the front of the box, and 
ignited.  The result was flames shooting out the switch holes 
extending about 8 inches!  Now my table is messy.  There's paper 
everywhere.  Instant emergency!  I dove under the table to unplug the 
rotor from the power strip.

HRO was nice enough to replace the control box when they saw the 
blackened box covered in soot.  (They argued about it a bit but 
eventually took care of it.)  I took the new one home and rewired it 
so that the fuse preceded the DPST power switch.  No problem since.
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