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Re: NA1SS worked mobil

On Mon, 13 Mar 2006 18:37:04 -0600, George Henry wrote:

>Sounds reminiscent of the "rig" I used for a MIR contact from the parking 
>lot at work many moons ago...  Yaesu FT-470 HT driving the PA from a GE 
>MASTR II sittin' on the back seat of an 86 Toyota Corolla, about 40 watts 
>out, hand-switched T/R for the PA, 1/4 wave mag mount.  BIG surprise to hear 
>Shannon Lucid come back to me!!!  But I got it on tape!

Sounds almost like something I would have done before actual surplus mobil
rigs became cheap and plentiful. Sweet. Keep on tinkering!



TR7/RV7, TR6/RV6, T4XC/R4C, L4B, NCL2000, SB104A, R390A, GT550A/RV550A - all vintage, all the time!
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