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Floating Buoy via Satellite Experiment

Remote Sensing Experiments Via Satellite:

While PCSAT2 and PCSAT-1 are jointly operating in
constellation providing at least 12 passes per day
on 145.825, we are experimenting with our next
Amateur Satellite Project for remote environmental 
sensing.  We have placed a buoy design with the
callsign of  W3ADO-4 in operation.

It beacons environmental telemetry data once every 
3 minutes at 5W via either of the PCSAT's.  We hope to find
what beacon rate will give us a reasonable probability
of getting a few successful packets per day.  See:


See the picture of the blue bucket on the roof.  This is
a spinoff of one of our LABsat experiments our students 
are working on.  They experiment with our satellite 
designs using what we call LABsats, which we use in our 
satellite labs:


By having a dedicated channel for such uplinks, in the
Amateur Satellite Service and in the future and on multiple
satellites, we hope  this will encourage student projects 
and involvement in space and amateur satellites.  

Bob Bruninga, WB4APR
US Naval Academy Satellite Lab
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