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Re: Homebrew Rotator Question

Hi Paul,
 Here is page I chanced upon whern researching homebrew rotor systems awhile 
back. This is a mod for the newer radio shack 3 wire type rotors but it may 
give you some ideas. www.dougbraun.com/rotor_mod.html  I don't know if you 
actually already have the alliance rotator but if you're looking for an 
alternative you can go to www.summitsource.com and look at part # G5-WRMO 
which are replacement rotator units for the Gemini orbit 360 rotator system. 
This was a 5 wire unit with pot already built in that was discontinued a few 
years ago.
Michael  W4HIJ
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Subject: [amsat-bb] Homebrew Rotator Question

>I have been looking for any article or information on adding potentiometer
> control to an Alliance U-100 or U-110 type rotator - the type that can be
> configured on its side and allow a cross-boom to go thru it.
> Does anyone have any information on this? I have just about burnt up 
> Google
> and can only find manual type systems, not any potentiometer / servo type
> setups
> Some have added an external Pot with a weighted arm. How about an internal
> modification to add a pot to the gear train?
> Thanks
> Paul P
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