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re:Alliance Rotator Question


A friend gave me a rotator that looks just like an Alliance 100 until you
discover that there are 5 screws on the phenolic plate.  I took it apart and
there was a wire wound pot on the inside connected to the mechanism.   The unit
appears to have been made this way, not an after the fact addition.  There was
no identification on the case other than the name Alliance.   I do not  remember
if I got a control unit with it or not, but I can not find one at the moment.
The layout of the screws on the phenolic plate looked as if it was designed to
have 5 wires not 4.

The gentleman that gave it to me was from Canada which made me wonder if it was
a unit made for the non-US market.

I kept it intending to do what you want to do,  but have not had the time.
Hopefully your query will find someone who knows more about this rotator.  Was
it a commercial unit, or the work of a ham who did quality work?

73 de WB2LLP
Gene Marks  FN31bt
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