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Cute1.7 GMSK on ?


according the cw beacon :

cute1.7 2f82000b00000032

is the 9k6 transmitter switched on! There is an 2,2 kHz tone on 437.505 MHz.
Is this GMSK ???

For decoding GMSK with soundcard I found MMVARI. Here is the link:
I will try to decode the signal in the next pass. Hope it works...

FM is transmitting
FM protocol is GMSK 9600bps Ax.25
FM mode is realtime 2 frames mode
Service mode is disable
The number of pictures are 0
Antenna is deployed
USB2Serial power is turned on
Magnet sensor power is turned off
APD 3.3V A power is turned off
APD 3.3V B power is turned off
APD main power is turned off
Camera power is turned off
ASM power is turned on
CW TX power is turned on
Amateur service RX power is turned on
FM TX power is turned on
FM packet frame number is 1
FM packet interval(sec) is 2

WDT status is disable
PDA number is 1
On board time is not synchronized
USB2Serial status is enable
Camera status is enable
Log file freq(sec) is 1
Log file mode is no access
TLE is not uplinked
Torquer control is disable
APD status is disable
APD sample freq(sec) is 5
APD file mode is no access
tether is disable
Image format is Windows bitmap
Sun sensor 1 is inactive
Sun sensor 2 is inactive
Sun sensor 3 is inactive
Sun sensor 4 is inactive
Sun sensor 5 is inactive

FT-736R, 2x18 element Quad Yagi + 20dB Preamp
Locator: JN49LR
AMSAT #9502099

Mike Rupprecht

49 43' N  8 57 ' E
Brombachtal, Germany

Best 73, Mike
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