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Is MM0HMM on this List?

On Friday, March 10th, double hop test of NO-44 and PCSAT2 at 18:54 7 UTC I  
copied a single hop packet from MM0HMM via NO-44.

Fm MM0HMM-2 To APU25N Via PCSAT-1*,RELAY,WIDE <UI pid=F0 Len=42 >[13:54:24]
=5623.75N/00529.33Wj73s DE David (IO76GJ)

I also found this packet from him on the Amateur Radio Stations heard via 
PCSat page
( http://www.findu.com/cgi-bin/pcsat.cgi ) which appears to have come
from the 17:07 UTC pass.

00:01:48:06 : 
MM0HMM-2]APU25N,PCSAT-1*,W3ADO-1,RELAY,WIDE,qAo,EI3IP-3::N4ZQ-2 :73! De 

This appears to come from a packet program I am not familiar with so I don't 
understand what it is telling me or why my callsign is included in it. 
Anyone ?

I did not see any double hop signals myself on three pass attempts Friday 
afternoon local, but wonder if others have had any luck trying it?

Anyway, I thought  MM0HMM like to know that he made it across the pond on a 
singe hop via PCSAT-1. A look up on QRZ.com did not produce any results for 
his callsign and was not found in the data base.

73 Keith N4ZQ/2
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