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RE: How much power?

Hi, Tim,

I've worked Echo with 0.5 watts, but I'm in prime real estate here with
little competition on some of the more northern passes.  Your 2.5 should
have done the trick, but you've got plenty of competition.  I'm not sure if
5 would have made a huge difference.  Question: when you transmit do you
flip your arrow 90-degrees?  Sometimes I do that and it seems to improve my
chances.  Looks funny, but probably matches the polarity better.

Just a thought...


Brent Taylor, VE1JH
Doaktown, NB  FN66
6M VUCC #418, AMSAT #33576 

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> Do I need to use the full 5 watts to access or was I just 
> holding experiencing jitters and probably on the wrong tone?
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